5 Locations,  24 Hour Access, 1 Account, and 1 Statement

In today’s economy, businesses are continually looking for ways to improve efficiency and cut expenses.  At the same time they want reliable service and convenience.

Whether you’re operating one vehicle or a large fleet, control of your vehicle and equipment expenses is important.  Our Cardlock system offers your business smart, reliable, 24 hour access to fuel your vehicles and equipment at cmpetitive prices.

Why choose Bird Fuels Cardlocks?

Benefits of using our Cardlocks:

  • 5 Clean, well maintained automative cardlock systems conveniently located in Collingwood, Orangeville, Stayner, Shelburne and Owen Sound
  • Safely Lit
  • 24 hour access
  • Individual driver/operator issued access cards

Benefits for Your Business:

  • Ease of Bookkeeping as HST is separated on statements for your convenience
  • Statements are divided by card number, type of fuel, time, odometer, amount of fuel, unit price, taxes and Cardlock location fuel was purchased at.
  • Access cards have their own Pin numbers
  • Access cards can be activated or cancelled at any time
  • Receipts available after each transaction

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Please see below for our Cardlock locations  and product availability at each respective location.


Located at 387 Raglan Street, Collingwood, ON
in between Poplar Sideroad and Hume Street.

Products: Clear Diesel, Gasoline, Dyed Diesel

Collingwood Card Lock


Located at: 490 Richardson Road, Orangeville ON

Corner of Richardson and Riddell Road
(Orangeville By-pass Dufferin Rd. 109)

Product: Clear Diesel, Gasoline, Dyed Diesel

Orangeville Cardlock Location


Located at: Ontario Street, Stayner ON

Product: Clear Diesel & Gasoline

Stayner Card Lock


Located at: 4 John Street, Shelburne, ON

Product: Clear Diesel & Gasoline

Shelburne Cardlock

Owen Sound

Located at: 202457 Highway 6 & 21, Owen Sound, ON

Product: Clear Diesel, Gasoline & Dyed (during business hours)

Owen Sound Cardlock


We look forward to providing you with the best re-fueling experience possible.

If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to contact us at 1-888-297-6990