Not all furnace oil is the same!


At Bird Fuels, we are proud to distribute high-quality Petro-Canada home heating furnace oil. When it comes to providing clean, environmentally responsible home heating products and reliable service across our territory Bird Fuels truly understands the needs of our customers.

You can count on Bird Fuels to provide world-class home heating products that have been seasonally and geographically adjusted to meet the demands of our Canadian climate; helping prevent congealing oil lines.


Clean Oil- Oil Delivery

Bird Fuels also provides an alternative for your home heating needs with ThermaClean* fuel. ThermaClean* burns even cleaner, with less smoke and soot deposits than regular fuel. Switching to ThermaClean* will result in reduced emissions, reduced fuel consumption and increased corrosion protection for your oil tank. ThermaClean* helps lessen the impact of home heating on the environment while helping prolong the life of your furnace!

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