Petro-Canada lubricant products consistently demonstrate their ability by outperforming competitive lubricants, whatever the application. Our remarkable products have a growing reputation for maximizing equipment performance, customer savings and customer productivity, therefore creating the Lowest Total Cost Solutions.

By using a series of Cost Saving Models we can show the potential savings by switching to Petro-Canada lubricants through:No-nonsense lubricants warranty

  • Extended Drain intervals
  • Using Group II 99.9% pure base stock
  • Reducing maintenance costs and failure rate
  • Creating less downtime and better production


What is the different between Petro-Canada’s base oil compared the competition?

HT Purity Process

HT Purity Process


Want to learn more about Petro-Canada’s Patented HT Purity Process? (pdf.file)


And that’s how we save you money!

Set-up an appointment and let our lubricant representatives conduct a lubricant audit to examine opportunities to reduce usage, reduce inventory, and consolidate products by recommending the appropriate Petro-Canada product for your application.

We will propose the most cost-effective lubricant for each application without compromising the protection and performance of your equipment, or the manufacturer’s warranty.


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