Why are so many companies switching to Bird Fuels for all their fuel and lubricant needs?

To meet the needs of our customers in the construction industry, Bird Fuels offers the convenience of on-site storage tank or on-site equipment refueling.

On-Site Equipment Setup

For our customers that require on site storage, we have tanks and accessories to help keep our customers’ equipment constantly fueled. At Bird Fuels we will assist in the installation of the provided equipment to meet TSSA standards. Whatever your company’s equipment requirements are, at Bird Fuels we are here to help.

On-Site Refueling

To help eliminate costly equipment down time and expensive labour costs you may want to explore the option of on-site equipment refueling. During down time, have Bird Fuels come refuel your equipment. For a marginal increase in cost per litre see your overall cost shrink by eliminating down time.

On-site refueling allows us to customize our service to meet your needs; eliminates the need for on-site storage tanks

Construction equipment, generators, compressors or other machinery that needs filling… we deliver!

Router System

Bird Fuels is always ready to meet the fueling needs of our customers; however, some jobs require our customers to leave the territory we service. Instead of the hassle of setting up accounts with fuel companies, whose service reliability is unknown, we are pleased to introduce our Router System. This system uses our solid relationship with other Petro-Canada marketers and allows the local Petro-Canada marketer to deliver on our behalf. We arrange the delivery schedule for you, allowing you to focus on your job and not worrying about the fuel. You continue to get excellent service, high quality Petro-Canada products and best of all you continue to deal directly with Bird Fuels.