Major equipment manufacturers recommend annual furnace tune ups by professionally trained technicians.

At Bird Fuels Home Comfort we have created two servicing packages for your convenience:


Option 1: Annual Furnace Servicing- (includes 1 nozzle and 1 filter)

ONE ANNUAL FURNACE SERVICING- to be completed during normal hours of operation.


Option 2: Annual Furnace and Water Heater Servicing

ONE ANNUAL FURNACE & WATER HEATER SERVICING – to be completed during normal hours of operation.


Our  Annual Service Package includes:

    • Exposed fill and vent pipes visually checked for leaks
    • Fuel level indicator seal checked for possible leakage
    • Exposed oil lines checked for leaks or cracks
    • Furnace casing checked for soot deposit
    • Exhaust breaching checked for holes or air leakage
    •  Flue gas passageways (excluding chimneys) cleaned if required
    • Barometric damper cleaned and lubricated
    • Stack control (protector relay) cleaned and checked
    • Accessible inner heat transfer surfaces of furnace cleaned
    • Combustion chamber cleaned and checked for deterioration
    • Disposable air filter cleaned or replaced
    • Fan, fan housing cleaned
    • Blower motor lubricated; pulleys and belts adjusted
    • Oil cartridge and filter inspected for deterioration and replaced if necessary
    • Oil pressure to nozzle head tested; oil pump checked for leaks
    •  Nozzle replaced
    • Electrodes assembly inspected and necessary adjustments made
    • Air handling parts of the oil burner to be inspected, cleaned and adjusted
    •  Pump coupling checked for deterioration
    • Transformer tested
    • Burner motor lubricated
    • Smoke number and furnace draft tested and set
    • Temperature limit switch operation checked
    • Customer informed of any unsafe conditions