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5 Reasons to Hire Professionals for Your Furnace Maintenance

If you are diligent about changing your furnace filters, congratulations! Changing filters is one of the easiest, most cost-effective and energy-saving ways to maintain your furnace. Clean air filters go a long way in helping your furnace ā€œbreatheā€ properly, and they minimize dust and dirt that passes through your system. Changing filters, however, do not replace thorough annual maintenance. Here are five reasons to hire a trusted professional for annual HVAC maintenance.

  1. The Safety of Your Family

This should be your primary concern when it comes to furnace maintenance. Your furnace is a large, mechanical system that burns fuel automatically to heat your home. There is a lot going on here. Making sure each ignition and each cycle is completed successfully and efficiently should not be taken for granted. A professional can help ensure the safety of your family throughout winter.

  1. Well-Maintained Furnaces Operate More Efficiently

Like a finely tuned automobile, a furnace that is properly maintained and tuned will operate more efficiently. This means less fuel is used and ultimately fewer energy costs. In some instances, professional cleaning and tune-up of a furnace can more than pay for itself in fuel savings over a single heating season! If your heating bills have been creeping upward, contact our professionals at Bird Fuels for an annual maintenance check and tune-up.

  1. Furnace Maintenance can Prevent Unexpected Outages

While every outage can’t be anticipated, an annual maintenance tune-up may discover wearing parts that can be replaced on your terms. This means your furnace will be more likely to make it through the winter without an unexpected breakdown. This is beneficial for multiple reasons. First, emergency service calls are more expensive than a scheduled routine maintenance check. In addition, an unexpected breakdown can literally leave your family out in the cold.

  1. The Comfort of Your Family

An efficient, well-maintained furnace is more likely to deliver the consistent comfort your family deserves. A furnace tune-up could potentially help eliminate cool spots and provide more efficient and comfortable cycle times.

  1. Your Furnace Warranty May Depend on ItĀ 

If your furnace is covered under a warranty, professional annual maintenance may be required to keep coverage in effect. The cost of annual maintenance is minimal, especially when compared to the benefits like maintaining your warranty coverage.

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