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Bird Fuels’ Cardlock Service Gives Convenient Access to Petro-Canada Cardlock Stations

Bird Fuels offers you the option of a cardlock service. When you refuel through Bird Fuels’ cardlock program, you’ll have access to five local Bird Fuels’ cardlocks and over 300 Petro-Canada cardlocks throughout the country. There are at least a dozen good reasons to rely on a cardlock. We’ve listed a few of these points below:

A Petro-Canada SuperPass Offers the Ultimate in Convenience

As a Bird Fuels’ cardlock or SuperPass fuel card customer, you’ll enjoy the 24-hour, round-the-clock ability to fuel big trucks without the hassle and worry of refueling at small gas stations that may or may not offer enough overhead clearance. No more fighting with passenger vehicles for a space behind the pump. No more worry about running low on fuel in the off-hours. With your Petro Canada SuperPass, you’ll have full access to Petro-Canada cardlock stations anytime you need it, even in the dead of night or during those early morning runs.

Record-Keeping Is a Breeze With Petro-Canada SuperPass

Because every transaction you make with your cardlock or SuperPass is recorded, you’ll have access to regular statements for your record-keeping purposes. At a glance, you’ll know where your truck was and how many liters it pumped. There’s a convenient timestamp, too. You can also contact any of our offices to get your transaction history, fuel summary reports, and more.

Petro-Canada Cardlock Stations Are Easy to Navigate

Spacious fueling bays with generous overhangs give you plenty of room to pump, out of the weather. There’s room to turn and maneuver full-size trucks without making multiple-point turns. It’s just you and your truck, fueling up to run another day. In addition, many Petro-Canada cardlock stations offer amenities such as a convenience store, access to free WIFI and hot food, shower and laundry facilities, and weight scales and even a comfortable lounge for use only by cardlock or SuperPass holders.

Go Everywhere With Your Bird Fuel Cardlock Pass

Petro-Canada offers over 300 convenient cardlock locations across the country, so you’re rarely out of range from a safe, secure refuel. Cardlock stations are well-lit at all times of the day or night, and your personal SuperPass is well-protected against unauthorized use.

There’s no better refueling solution than a Bird Fuels’ cardlock or Petro-Canada SuperPass. It’ll get you high-speed diesel refuels, access to DEF, and day or night fueling privileges across the network. If you’re ready to talk about the many advantages of using Bird Fuel’s cardlock service, stop in and see us today, or fill out the convenient online application at


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