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CARDLOCK / Superpass (Petro Canada) – Guide

What is Petro-Canada?

If you’re having trouble understanding precisely who Petro-Canada is and what it offers, it’s likely because such a business offers tremendous services that are (kind of) challenging to keep up with. We don’t blame you. And that’s exactly why we decided to share all you need to know about Petro-Canada.

Most popularly known as “Canada’s Gas Station,” Petro-Canada is the proud owner of over 1500 retail and wholesale outlets throughout Canada’s streets.

The business took its name soon after the Petro-Canada Public Participation Act was passed back in 1975. An acrimonious act, the course of Canada’s future in terms of oil and energy was forever altered when this was passed. According to the act, the government would relinquish all its energy assets to the newly found Crown business. This was on the back of the world oil crisis of 1973-74. Despite bringing about devastation and outcry, the repercussions of the act and subsequent energy crisis allowed Petro-Canada to take its first breath.

Since these less certain times, Petro-Canada has striven to give the country a greater, firmer dominance over its domestic oil sector, so it can reap the true benefits of its secluded energy resources. Petro-Canada also works toward educating the federal government on the dynamic of Canada’s oil industry.

We’ve only scratched the surface here. So let’s get a better look at some of its prime services.

What are the Services Offered by Petro-Canada?

Petro-Canada has been serving Canadians with its fast-evolving fuel network since 1975. Two of their most widely-used and highly-praised services are CARDlock and SuperPass.

CARDlock and SuperPass

What is cardlock fuelling? If you’re a truck owner and don’t already know, here’s the answer.

  • A Petro-Pass CARDLock Petro-Canada gas station is equipped to handle 18-wheel trucks transporting a variety of goods, as well as fuel-carrying trucks. There are generally unmanned, situated in a separate area of a fuel station (or could well just be a truck stop) and designed with elevated roofs to cater to really big trucks. As the name suggests, an access card or fleet card is needed to use the services. The driver is given this card in advance of their journey so they can ‘unlock’ the services on arrival. You’ll find ‘cardlocks’ planted in every pocket and outcrop across the country. But with around 290 of these specialist truck stops managed by Petro-Pass™ CardLock, the largest share of these are managed by Petro-Canada.
  • A SuperPass card by Petro-Canada is the ultimate fleet management card designed to give you control and upgraded security for all your operations and costs on an individual level as well as for your fleet.

What are the Benefits of CARDLock and SuperPass?

The Petro-Canada CARDLock-SuperPass duo has been specifically brought to market to make running commercial fleet vehicles a swift, smooth operation. Petro-Pass CARDLock is in operation 24/7 with an automated and efficient diesel fuelling system across its sites.

SuperPass cardholders and operators have unlimited access to an extensive network of these Petro-Pass CARDLocks, so you can constantly meet the requirements of your fleet, wherever they are and whatever they need.

Read on to know why these services are a must-have and what places them apart from a standard retail fuel site.

Made-to-Measure Fuelling Sites

Petro-Canada ensures all of its 290 sites are immaculate, bright and welcoming for the customers. Truck drivers drive all day and night so it makes sense that Petro-Pass CARDLocks are up and running 24/7. Built with size, height and length in mind, there’s always a generous roof height and a wide, circular area for smooth turning.

Amplified Security

The Petro-Canada SuperPass offers an array of upgrades and extras as part of your fleet deal, so neither you nor your drivers are having to pay out for additional purchases and services while on the road.

If you are the fleet manager, it’s all good news. For further peace of mind and control, SuperPass gives you the power to program the type of fuel that will be used, the locations where the Petro-Pass CARDLock can be used, and the exact fuel amount that can be purchased.

Volume-based Discounts

By managing the biggest network of cardlocks in Canada, Petro-Canada can offer a whole lot more than fuel for your trucks. Your CARDLock-SuperPass benefits duo paves the way for a considerable amount of financial ease and attractive add-ons. Discounts based on volume are applicable to users, while Petro-Pass CARDLocks offer services at low prices along with concessions on the purchase of fuel or other products bought in bulk.

Expert Guidance

The help and services don’t begin and end with CARDLock and SuperPass. Parent company Petro-Canada has the experience and resources to support your fleet across every road trip and truck stop. Their experts will help you manage your vehicles saving money and time. And with first-class customer service and sales team, every encounter and conversation is a pleasant one.

Deep-rooted DEF Network

Petro-Canada’s cardlock locations have open-ended access to diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). Certain locations offer Air1 brand DEF (meets the standards of ISO, warranted by API, and ensures supreme engine performance).

Quick Fuelling with Added Comfort

For truck drivers keeping to a tight schedule, wasting time isn’t an option. All Petro-Pass CARDLocks are constantly being refilled with fuel and supplies so drivers can make a quick getaway and return to their route.

For those drivers who need a rest and comfort break, unlike other brands of cardlock fuel station, some Petrol-Pass CARDLocks offer a variety of amenities, including:

  • Convenience stores
  • Clean and tidy washrooms
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Fresh food
  • Hot water showers
  • Lounge/rest areas
  • Laundry facilities
  • Weighing scales

If you don’t have a SuperPass, you’ll still be welcomed at Petro-Pass fuel stations. Holders of a BVD Petroleum Card, Comdata or even an EFS card can also benefit from many of the CARDLock facilities on offer.

The Ultimate Fleet Manager

A SuperPass from Petro-Canada works is a great fleet management solution, be it a small, local fleet or a country-wide enterprise.

Here’s how:

  • You gain entry into around 290 Petro-Pass CARDLock locations
  • A SuperPass provided further access to more than 1500 retail locations
  • You have access to Petro-Canada’s network of 250 car wash sites
  • Utmost security is promised along with absolute control over your trucks’ operations
  • Your fleet will be managed 24/7

Keep your Finances in Check

SuperPass from Petro-Canada has watertight controls and security options so you can manage the uses and the users.

Some of these controls are:

  • Placing custom restrictions and limits on purchases of products, both fuel, and non-fuel
  • Every specific card type is assigned a distinct PIN for greater protection
  • All driver purchases can be monitored closely for optimum security.

No More Unapproved Spending

With Superpass’ additional features, you can now control every penny spent with specific controls on:

  • Time of day
  • Day of the week
  • Location facilities
  • Fuel grade
  • Additional non-fuel related spending
  • Car wash limitations


There exists only one card that offers you unlimited access to Canada’s most premium gasoline and diesel network, and that’s SuperPass by Petro-Canada.

Petro-Canada’s CARDLocks are widely located across Canada. In total, they make up over 290 Petro-Pass and 1500 retail station locations, so they are not hard to find.

You have the freedom to access both retail and cardlock sites with a single card. And at this time of heightened hygiene measures, using a card is much safer than handing over dollar bills or coins.

Odometer Reading

If you are an enterprise or even a small business struggling to manage your fleet, Petro-Canada’s CARDLock and SuperPass services have made it their mission to make your life easier. For absolute authority over all transactions, you can now choose to program your system so the drivers will have to plug in their odometer reading after every fuel fill-up.

Statements at your Convenience

Gain access to all your billing information, whenever and however you need it, including:

  • Access to more than 30 up-to-date reports
  • Customized bank statements itemizing the stuff you care about
  • Statements whenever you feel the need – daily, weekly or every month
  • Forward your statements automatically through email to distribution lists
  • Focus on managing your fleet while Petro-Canada handles the data entry
  • Itemized transaction summary and details.

Interested in cardlock for your Fleet?

If you’re interested in getting onboard with cardlock, Bird Fuels can help. With Bird Fuels you get to use 5 Bird Fuels locations in Ontario, 270 locations across Canada plus 24-hour access. Of course, keeping track of everything is made easy through a single account and 1 statement.

It’s all about being reliable and offering convenience to truck drivers. It doesn’t matter if you’re operating a single vehicle or managing a fleet, the Bird Fuels cardlock system offers you the best deal at competitive prices.

Why Bird Fuels Cardlocks?

Well, the answer to that is simple. You want the best bang for your dollar, right? By using a cardlock operated by Bird Fuels you’ll get 24-hour access to 5 well-maintained cardlock locations, conveniently located in Collingwood, Orangeville, Owen Sound, Shelburne and Stayner.

All of the locations are safely lit. And you have the option to opt for individual driver/operator-issues access cards.

The access cards have their own Pin numbers. You can cancel or activate a card whenever you want. Receipts are available to keep your finances in check. The statements are sorted by card number, type of fuel used, amount of fuel, odometer, unit price and taxes. You will even get to see the cardlock location from where the fuel was purchased.

You can get Clear Diesel, Gasoline, and Dyed Diesel, depending on what’s required.

Contact Bird Fuels today, and let us help make your truck driving/operating journey as smooth and efficient as possible.

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