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Petro Canada Lubricant Guide

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Does your car randomly grind to a halt? Does your vehicle make annoying noises as you drive? It might be an issue related to lubricants used or even misused.This in-depth…

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CARDLock / Superpass (Petro Canada) – Guide

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What is Petro-Canada?If you’re having trouble understanding precisely who Petro-Canada is and what it offers, it’s likely because such a business offers tremendous services that are (kind of) challenging to…

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A Basic Guide to Diesel Fuel

With the diminishing supply and increasing demand for fuel supply, you must pick a cost-effective fuel that meets your needs. One such efficient and cost-effective option is diesel fuel. Diesel…

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Propane – All You Need To Know

Despite having a small place in the country’s energy industry, propane has found a significant place in many industries and is used for a number of uses, including in farms,…

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DEF Dollars

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EARN DEF DOLLARS!!!! For the month of June and July, every customer that purchases over 5,000 litres of Diesel Product through delivery or cardlock will automatically earn DEF Dollars toward…

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HVAC Spring Cleaning To-Do’s

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Spring cleaning typically means that homeowners have a long list of chores to do. You start with vacuuming every nook and cranny, cleaning the fridge and a deep clean of the oven, to mopping all the…

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COVID-19 Notice

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Bird Fuels has been taking steps to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19/Coronavirus.   Our offices are still closed to the public, and will remain closed until advised further from the Government.  Our Home…

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