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DEF Dollars


For the month of June and July, every customer that purchases over 5,000 litres of Diesel Product through delivery or cardlock will automatically earn DEF Dollars toward your next bulk DEF delivery. 

How does the program work? 
Bird Fuels will give you 2 cents per litre towards your next Bulk DEF purchase through Bird Fuels.  (Example: purchase 5,000 Litres of Diesel product and receive $100 in Bulk DEF product.)

At the end of July, you will be contacted letting you know how many DEF Dollars you have earned.  If you do not currently purchase DEF from Bird Fuels, now is the time!

Just ½ a penny or ½ cup of sugar can contaminate 20,000 litres of DEF, think about what contaminants can get into your DEF.  We strive to eliminate contamination risks by using a closed-loop delivery system and offer year-round delivery for ease and convenience. We recommend that you store your diesel exhaust fluid out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated space.  

Call us if you have any questions about our delivery or if you’d like to schedule a fuel delivery to your home, business, or farm today!  1-888-297-6990 or email

(Promotion conditions:  Account must be in good standing.  Product delivered within Bird Fuels Delivery Territory.)

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