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Fall Is Here, And That Means Furnace Maintenance

Fall is here and temperatures are starting to drop, and that means one thing: your furnace is about to be powered up for the first time this season.¬† Furnaces are somewhat unique among appliances in that they’re only used for roughly half the year, if that, and go entirely unused the rest of the time.

That means you will always need a round of furnace maintenance before winter comes if you want it at peak performance.¬† Those months of disuse will have caused several maintenance issues, and it’s best to get them taken care of ASAP – preferably before the first use of the new season.

This is what to focus on.

Four Furnace Maintenance Must-Dos When Preparing for Winter 

  1. Change the filter

Never run a furnace on last year’s air filter.¬† It will¬†inevitably¬†be dirty, and possibly even covered over as a result of months of disuse.¬† Air filters are cheap to buy and easy to install, so there’s just no reason not to put in a new one.¬† This should be the first thing you do when prepping a furnace for winter.

  1. Clean the vents

Regardless of how much your vents have been used by your AC system, they should be cleaned at least once a year – and this is the perfect time to do it.¬† Dust and debris will settle in the vents, not to mention usually containing droppings from pest animals as well.¬† You don’t want your furnace blowing that all over the place.

  1. Clean up around the outdoor venting.

Don’t forget about the outdoor portion of your furnace!¬† It can easily have gotten gummed up with leaves, dirt, debris, and other harmful elements.¬† Some of the debris could be potentially flammable.

  1. Test the thermostat

Finally, when firing up the furnace for the first time, make sure to give your thermostat a proper test to make sure everything is working there as well.¬† This might also be time to think about upgrading to a programmable thermostat if you haven’t already.¬† They quickly pay for themselves with energy savings.

Bird Fuels Can Maintain Your Furnace

Too busy to handle your own furnace maintenance?¬† Bird Fuels offers a annual maintenance that’s affordable and ensures your furnace is always in top condition before winter hits.¬† Contact us to learn more!


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