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Annual Furnace and Water Heater Tune-ups

Major equipment manufacturers & insurance companies recommend annual furnace tune ups by professionally trained technicians. At Bird Fuels we have created two servicing packages for your convenience:

Option 1: Annual Furnace Servicing

(includes 1 nozzle and 1 fuel filter for oil furnaces)

ONE ANNUAL FURNACE SERVICING – to be completed during normal hours of operation.

Option 2: Annual Furnace and Water Heater Servicing

ONE ANNUAL FURNACE & WATER HEATER SERVICING – to be completed during normal hours of operation.

Our Annual Service Package includes:

  • Exposed fill and vent pipes visually checked for leaks
  • Fuel level indicator seal checked for possible leakage
  • Exposed oil lines checked for leaks or cracks
  • Furnace casing checked for soot deposit
  • Exhaust breaching checked for holes or air leakage
  • Flue gas passageways (excluding chimneys) cleaned if required
  • Barometric damper cleaned and lubricated
  • Stack control (protector relay) cleaned and checked
  • Accessible inner heat transfer surfaces of furnace cleaned
  • Combustion chamber cleaned and checked for deterioration
  • Disposable air filter cleaned or replaced
  • Fan, fan housing cleaned
  • Blower motor lubricated; pulleys and belts adjusted
  • Oil cartridge and filter inspected for deterioration and replaced if necessary
  • Oil pressure to nozzle head tested; oil pump checked for leaks
  • Nozzle replaced
  • Electrodes assembly inspected and necessary adjustments made
  • Air handling parts of the oil burner to be inspected, cleaned and adjusted
  • Pump coupling checked for deterioration
  • Transformer tested
  • Burner motor lubricated
  • Smoke number and furnace draft tested and set
  • Temperature limit switch operation checked
  • Customer informed of any unsafe conditions

Annual Propane/Natural Gas Service Package(s) include:

It starts by looking at your furnace. Next, we turn on the thermostat and set it above room temperature so the furnace comes on. We inspect the flames in the burner. We want to see a steady, blue flame. If there is a yellow or orange flicking, we want to determine whether anything other than natural gas is burning. We will listen for questionable noises or vibrations while the furnace is on, and smell for any gas leaks.

After the visual inspection, we turn the thermostat off and flip the power switch off on the furnace (or turn off the breaker if the furnace doesn’t have a switch). It’s very important when performing any kind of gas furnace maintenance that you turn off the gas line.The gas line should have shut off valve near your gas meter.

Once the furnace has cooled, we open the furnace door. A vacuum with a long nozzle is used to clean out the furnace and base. For areas that our vacuum can’t reach, such as the fan blades, we use a damp cloth to wipe away dust.

If your blower has a fan belt, we inspect it for cracks or fraying, we also check the tension by pushing down in the center of the belt. If it deflates by more than half an inch, it will need to be tightened.

Once the annual is completed we will put the furnace panels back on and turn the furnace power and gas pack on. We may need to relight the pilot light. The final item on our propane/gas furnace maintenance checklist is to inspect the air filter, we do not replace air filters unless one is provided. Your filter may need to be changed as often as once a month during heating season. Be sure to check it often to keep your air clean and your family breathing easy.

We serve Collingwood, Orangeville, and Owen Sound areas including, but not limited to: Acton, Caledon, Bruce Peninsula, Georgetown, Halton Hills, Hanover, Meaford, Midland, North Bruce Peninsula, Port Elgin, Rockford, Saugeen Shores, Simcoe, Shelburne, and Tottenham.


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