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How Bird Fuel’s Farm Fuel Delivery Services Keep Your Operation Running

Few things are more important to the running of your farm than¬†fuel.¬†¬†Without plenty of gasoline and diesel on-site, your heavy machinery isn’t going anywhere.¬† And if it’s a critical period, like harvest season, even minor downtime due to fuel shortages can cause you huge unnecessary costs.

That’s why Bird Fuels proudly delivers the fuels and other fluids your farm needs to keep operating smoothly.¬† Our farm fuel delivery service is the affordable no-hassle way to guarantee your machinery always has gas in the tank.

How Bird Fuels Can Keep Your Farm Fully Stocked on Fuel and Fluids

We are one of the premier farm fuel delivery services in Ontario, and farms across the province know they can rely on us.

Getting started is simple.¬† We’ll come visit your farm, and discuss your usage, while also getting detailed information about the fuel tanks you have on-site.¬† We’ll also modify them slightly, to include electronic monitors which will alert us if they ever run low.¬† Then, we’ll set up a regular schedule of refueling visits which make certain you will always have the fuels you need to keep running.

Are you expecting¬†higher-than-usual usage?¬† Not a problem!¬† Just let us know and we’ll adjust your schedule to match.

We have an extensive array of fuels, depending on the needs of your farm.¬† We carry gasoline, diesel, clear diesel, dyed diesel, propane, home heating oil, and more.¬† We can keep you stocked on anything you need.¬† In addition, we also carry other fluids you may require, including Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and a wide range of lubricants.¬† And thanks to our partnership with Petrol Canada, you can be certain they’re always of the highest quality!

Then, your fueling problems are simply solved.¬† You never have to worry about keeping your tanks topped up or pay your own workers to handle transportation and delivery.¬† We handle everything on your behalf.¬† We’ll even help maintain your tanks and pumps so that there’s never any reason your machinery should ever run out of fuel.

Farm fuel delivery from Bird Fuels is your simple and affordable way to make fuel logistical problems go away.

Ontario Trusts Bird Fuels for Fuel Delivery Services

Since 2001, we’ve been providing reliable fuel delivery services across the province, while guaranteeing the fuels we provide are always pure and of top quality.¬† Contact us directly for more information or a quote.


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