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How To Choose The Right Propane Delivery Service For Your Home or Business

If your home or business relies on propane, you know how disastrous it could be if you run out.  Even at best, it means losing heat or the ability to cook.  At worst Рsuch as in the winter Рit could actually threaten your health. You need to ensure you always have a fresh supply of propane, and a propane delivery service is a perfect way to address that need!

With a propane delivery service, you have regularly scheduled visits to top off your tank(s), with no need to worry about the specifics.¬† The delivery truck can potentially even come and go without you worrying about it.¬† Plus, since you’re buying in bulk, the prices are extremely reasonable.

That leaves the question of which delivery service to hire?  There are a few major factors to consider when choosing.

Four Major Characteristics to Look for In A Propane Delivery Service

  • History

More than anything else, you want a fuel delivery service with plenty of experience and a long history in the business.¬† A lot of companies dabble in fuel delivery or come and go from the market.¬† The good ones stick around.¬† If they’ve been in business for a decade or more, you can almost always feel good about your decision to hire them.

  • Sourcing

Low-quality propane and other fuels can deliver sub-par performance, or potentially even damage the equipment you’re using.¬† When you’re vetting propane deliverers, take a moment to ask about the source of their fuels, and whether they have any processes in place to guarantee the quality of their product.¬† The best services will have checks in place to protect you from bad sources.

  • Safety Processes

Another issue you should ask about is their history of safety, and what processes they have in place to protect people from accidents.  Propane, of course, is highly volatile.  You need a delivery service which can handle it without risking any people or property!  A good propane service will have well-defined safety measures in place they are happy to discuss.

  • Reliability

Can you trust the delivery service to come when you need them, even in inclement weather?  This can be tricky to gauge just from an interview.  Often, the best solution here is to ask them for references.  A quality fuel delivery service will have existing customers who will be happy to testify to their reliability.

Bird Fuels Keeps Your Tanks Topped Up

Since 2001, we’ve been one of the most trusted fuel delivery services in Ontario.¬† We can keep you fully stocked in propane, as well as other fuels and fluids including home heating oil, lubricants, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid.¬† Contact us directly to learn more about our highly reliable propane delivery services!

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