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How to Get Reliable Fuel Delivery Through Bird Fuels

Fuel. Everyone needs it. Whether it's for a home heating system or driving vehicles, it's used all around us. That’s why it’s crucial to keep an eye on your fuel delivery needs.

There are definitely days and months when the weather is both rough and cold. Streets could be heavily packed with snow, making it almost impossible for you to travel to a nearby fuel station or provider. What if you asked yourself ‘Is there any reliable fuel delivery service near me that can help during such a predicament? Can the fuel be delivered to me?’

Well, yes.

At Bird Fuels, we address your concerns and have the ultimate solution to all your fuel delivery needs. With reliable Bird Fuels’ fuel delivery services, you’ll never have to spend a night in a cold house or worry if your vehicle has enough juice to make a trip.

Fuel Delivery Services Offered by Bird Fuels

Bulk Fuel Delivery Service

Your local fuel delivery service station is offering bulk fuel delivery to tanks or equipment. Book your home or business for any fuel type. Bird Fuels offers home heating oil, propane, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), dyed diesel, clear diesel, and gasoline.

It doesn’t end here. You can also order a wide range of oils and lubricants from Petro Canada through Bird Fuels and we’ll do the delivery.

Propane Delivery Service

You're free to search for the most outstanding propane bulk delivery service and if you stop at Bird Fuels, you can be sure of a reliable, careful, and timely delivery to your doorstep.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Delivery Service

In addition, if you’re overseeing the fuel needs of a fleet, you can get bulk diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) delivered. Bird Fuels doesn’t only deliver in bulk but also keeps over 50,000L worth at their sites so trucks keep on moving.

Bird Fuels’ prompt delivery is coupled with practical and friendly storage solutions. The customer has a range of choices depending on their storage limit–9.46L jugs, 208L drums, or 1100L totes.

What Can You Do?

Winter may be coming but with impressive local delivery services, Bird Fuels is ready to lend you a hand during challenging times.

And for those wondering about how Bird Fuels drivers will deliver fuel at your doorsteps during extreme conditions, well, we do require a bit of help.

Tips to Make Your Fuel Delivery Prompt and Safe

Pave the way for the driver

Bird Fuels drivers believe in facilitating you in every way possible. They’ll park the truck as close to your fuel tank (that needs refilling) as possible. However, this becomes tricky when the path that leads to the tank is knee-deep in snow.

Bird Fuels needs your assistance in this regard. You can enable a safe and smooth path for the driver by shovelling away all the snow from the way that leads to your tanks.

Help the driver spot your home easily

Bird Fuels doesn’t want to disturb you during the delivery process. And that’s where marker flags can save the day. All you're required to do is mark a path leading to your tank.

Brush off all that piled up snow

You can damage and deform storage tanks, pipes, propane lines, or vents by letting snow settle. Even worse, the hefty load can even render equipment dysfunctional. To top it all off, a build-up of snow can prove hazardous for the delivery person.

All these outcomes can be avoided by you clearing off the snow.

Remove all access barriers

If your fill pipe is secured through a gate or barrier, make sure you provide access to the driver beforehand.

If you aren't available at the scheduled fuel delivery time, ensure that any fences or gates are unlocked. You can also ask your neighbor or an agreed third party to greet to the driver.

If you have pets, please relocate them if they’re in the fenced yard which also happens to accommodate the fuel tank.

Snow is not the only potential access issue

The fuel delivery person will be carrying a large hose which will need wide access. Make the driver's work a little less challenging by clearing out all the debris that might obstruct the path.

Please remove stray branches, rocks, or any other obstructions all the way from the street to your fuel tank.

All that’s left for a Bird Fuels customer to do now is to hand over the fuel requirements to Bird Fuel. By following the tips shared, prompt and effective fuel deliveries are guaranteed to come your way.

The top-notch fuel delivery services coupled with competitive fuel prices at Bird Fuels is a package you don't want to miss out on. Select your delivery plan, customize the entire experience, and get the benefit of quality fuel.

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