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Ideas to Keep Your Home Heating Oil Flowing

If you rely on home heating oil to keep your house warm, it’s vital that you protect your fuel tank during the winter!  If anything happens to the tank, or the equipment attaching it to your home, then you could lose heat when you need it most.  Fortunately, maintaining your home heating oil tank isn’t terribly difficult, and generally just requires keeping an eye on it.

Here are some of the most important things to do to protect the tank.

Five Ways to Protect Your Home Heating Oil Tank in The Winter

  1. Maintain a pathway to the tank

Chances are snow pileup will make it difficult to navigate the yard around your house.  When deciding what parts to shovel, be sure to carve out a path to the tank.  You will want to check up on it a few times in the winter, so you want to make it as easy as possible to access.

  1. Keep the tank and equipment clear of snow

Snow pile-up can cause damage to external equipment, since multiple feet of snow can become quite heavy.  You’ll want to periodically clear any snow off the oil tank, hoses, and other attached equipment.

  1. Change the filter

Because of how much use your heater will likely see in the winter, you won’t be able to go the entire season without changing the air filter.  Otherwise, you could start seeing poor performance from your heater, or uneven heating from room to room.

  1. Try to prevent gelling

Heating oil becomes thicker in cold weather, potentially even becoming a sort of viscous gel.  You need to avoid this to keep the system running!  The best option is a fuel supplier such as Bird Fuels that sells fuels with antigel additives added to the fuel. \

  1. Keep the tank filled

A full heating oil tank doesn’t merely mean peace of mind.  It also prevents naturally occurring condensation from building up within the tank.  Bird Fuels can make this part easy!

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