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Propane Delivery Service for Home Builders from Bird Fuels

Propane Delivery Service for Home Builders from Bird Fuels

In recent years, there has been substantial growth in the demand for cleaner and more sustainable homes, and that trend is only expected to expand. For this reason, an increasing number of home builders have started to turn to propane and dependable propane delivery.

When it comes to ensuring the property is a green home, it’s essential to consider appliances and home systems as well as the energy sources used for construction. Propane appliances play a primary role in sustainable construction and design.

Apart from cutting down emissions and reducing energy costs, propane appliances also help increase efficiency. With Bird Fuel’s low-cost propane delivery services, home builders can benefit from choosing them as their trusted fuel partner!

Advantages of Propane Delivery for Home Builders

Propane is portable, so construction professionals have the freedom to build what they want, wherever they want. Here is how propane can help home builders meet the increasing demand for sustainable homes:


Propane is known for producing significantly low carbon emissions compared to electricity for residential applications. It vaporizes when it is released, eliminating the risk of contaminating air, ground, and water.

Propane is clean-burning and reduces total carbon emissions. Compared to gasoline, it emits 60% less carbon monoxide. Similarly, it produces 98% less particulate matter compared to diesel. It also contains almost no sulphur; the chemical that’s responsible for acid rain.

For instance, propane tankless water heaters produce roughly 47% fewer NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) emissions, 61% fewer greenhouse gases, and up to 91% fewer SOx (Sulphur Oxide) emissions compared to electric-powered water tank heaters.

Similarly, propane furnaces produce nearly 50% fewer greenhouse gases compared to electric furnaces.

Portable Fuel

Propane is a portable fuel that you can store onsite, which is also one of its greatest benefits. As builders continue to develop on sites and rural areas outside of cities, they may have to pay a huge sum to extend basic utilities to the construction site.

However, by using propane for their projects, they don’t have to rely on public utility services anymore and can build high-performance houses anywhere they want.

Propane’s compact nature makes it safe and easy to store and transport. Storage tanks can be placed above ground, or you can have them buried underground. Plus, regardless of the infrastructure, propane delivery is possible without the need for any expensive infrastructure.

The fuel also provides flexibility on the job site by providing gas for equipment like temporary construction heaters and portable generators.

Lowers Energy Consumption

People who opt for environmentally-friendly and sustainable tools and equipment often find themselves introduced to expensive solutions. However, that’s not the case with propane; it is a cost-effective method for builders to help customers make an environmentally-conscious choice without becoming a burden on their pocket.

As mentioned earlier, propane appliances are more efficient than electric equipment. Ultimately, this translates to huge savings on energy bills for customers. Plus, installing the heating system isn’t too expensive either.

Propane Delivery is Convenient

Another great benefit of propane is that it maintains its integrity for quite a while — even during extreme weather conditions.

You can store the fuel in tanks without worrying about the fuel being contaminated or degrading. Even if it is extremely cold, it will perform as you want it to.

Increases Profit Margin

Apart from helping home builders meet environmental goals, propane also ensures a greater profit margin. Propane costs around half the price of diesel or gasoline, allowing you to save money on fuel costs.

Plus, propane is a high-octane, clean-burning fuel that produces less particulate matter and engine deposits than other conventional fuels. So, many builders get to enjoy additional savings from longer-lasting propane engines.

Also, there’s hardly any risk of wasted fuel during the off-season because you can store propane in bulk in low pressure without it degrading.

Propane Equipment for Home Builders

Propane is the ideal fuel primarily because of its versatility. From concrete curing to building heat, it helps keep your construction project powered. No wonder builders are looking for propane delivery services they can trust.

Below are some cases where propane can help with construction:

1. Building heat

Generally, heat is required on construction sites to dry materials on the job site, which can be a problem for builders during the damp and cold winter months. When the building is enclosed, it is critical to have a combination of ventilation and heat for material finishes, like paint, plaster, drywall, and floor.

Propane is the ideal fuel for the temporary heating of buildings and construction sites. Whether you use indirect-fired or direct-fired portable heaters, propane will provide consistent and clean heat, free from contaminated fumes and moisture.

2. Concrete curing

Propane delivers consistent heat to ensure your concrete surfaces are evenly cured. With the range of portable propane heaters available, you can easily find a heating solution that helps prevent concrete cracking.

3. Power where and when required

You can fully power your job site with propane. In fact, propane is a cost-effective, dependable, and clean-burning fuel you can use to generate power for off-grid, remote, backup power systems.

Other Propane Tools

Propane-powered tools are versatile, safe, and environmentally-friendly; thus, they help save money and time. Examples of such equipment include air compressors, ground thawing equipment, concrete floor saws, roof dryers, hot tar kettles, propane torches, and propane torch wagons.

Bird Fuels – Your Ultimate Propane Delivery Partner

At Bird Fuels, we take pride in offering a competitively-priced, fast, and friendly propane delivery service. We also offer propane equipment in three different sizes, 420-pounds, 500-gal, and 1000-gal tanks.

Plus, we customize the installation options to best suit your needs. So if you want an upright or a torpedo-style tank for your job site, we’ll ensure your project is completed timely and safely.

Whether you want to add an existing system or are starting a new project, we can help you out in every way possible.

We are committed to providing high efficiency, customer satisfaction, and safety. At Bird Fuels, we offer a range of propane delivery services to help with all your construction projects.

For more information, get in touch with us today.

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