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Propane Is an Excellent Way to Save Money Around the Home

A lot of people think of propane as merely being a cooking fuel, but it’s much more than that.¬† In fact, propane can be used as an all-purpose power source all over the house – and this can add up to¬†huge¬†savings compared to the costs of commercial electricity.¬† Plus, when paired with a propane delivery service, there’s simply no chance of running out.

If you haven’t considered putting more propane-powered fixtures in your home, here are some ideas that could significantly reduce your energy costs.

Four Great Ways to Use Propane in The Home

  1. In-home heat

A new central furnace might be a major purchase, but it could also easily pay for itself over a few years.  After all, in-home heating is generally the biggest use of power in a home, and prices on central electricity keep going up.  Propane-based heating is cheaper, more efficient, and eco-friendly!

  1. Water heating

Even if you don’t want to switch your home’s heat entirely over to propane, you should consider it when you’re buying a new water heater.¬† Plus, not only are propane water heaters cheaper to run than electric models, but they’re less prone to breakdown as well!¬† A propane water heater could last up to a decade longer than the alternative!

  1. Laundry

Alongside propane-based water heating, you can also purchase propane-based clothes dryers as well.  This takes two of the most energy-inefficient appliances in your home and switches them over to a far more efficient source of power.  Dryers, in particular, use very little propane while still effectively drying your clothes, making this a great long-term cost-saver.

  1. Backup power generation

OK, so you probably don’t want to switch your entire home’s power system over to propane… but a backup propane generator is an excellent investment.¬† With the average Canadian home losing power five times per year, you could be very glad you had the backup – particularly if you lose power in the winter.

Stay Prepared with A Propane Delivery Service

The one major issue with propane is that you need to keep it stored on-site, and it’s possible to run out…¬† unless you’re partnered with a propane delivery service!¬†Bird Fuels can make it easy and affordable to always keep your propane tanks topped off, guaranteeing you always have access to the fuel you need.¬† Contact us to learn more!


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