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Save Time, Energy, Money, And Effort by Having Fuel Delivered Directly to Your Farm

Just as your animals need feed, your machinery needs fuel – and lots of it.¬† Today’s modern farms often require vast amounts of fuel to function properly and running out simply is not an option.¬† You need to know your farm will always have all the fuel necessary to keep its machinery in operation – and that’s precisely what a bulk fuel delivery service can do for you!

If you’re still manually topping up your tanks, it’s time to think about a better way – one with plenty of benefits, and no real drawbacks.

Why A Fuel Delivery Service Makes Sense for Your Farm

  • Stable pricing

Fuel prices tend to fluctuate from day to day but having a fuel delivery service stabilizes the price.  Billing generally occurs using monthly averaged prices, which tends to flatten out the overall price you pay for fuel.  This prevents you from being caught off-guard if prices spike.

  • Easier budgeting

When price spikes aren’t as big of a concern, it becomes easier to budget for fuel.¬† You won’t have to keep extra money in reserve, just in case prices suddenly skyrocket for a week.¬† Plus, you’re only billed for the fuel you use, so it also becomes easier to do budgeting based on historical usage.

  • Increased productivity

Your fuel delivery service will handle everything relating to fuel, storage, and handling.¬† You won’t even have to worry about calling in your delivery service.¬† Either they will come according to a pre-arranged schedule, or else there will be a monitor within your fuel tanks which will automatically call for a delivery once reserves dip below a chosen level.

Either way, that’s one job that you simply don’t have to worry about, freeing up manpower for other tasks.

  • Excellent fuels, every time

Quality isn’t a concern when you have a solid fuel delivery service on your side.¬† We have close working relationships with several Canadian distributors, allowing us to bring pure top-quality fuel directly to your door – including petrol, propane, and heating oil.¬† Do you need lubricants, or Diesel Exhaust Fluid?¬† We can provide those as well!

Bird Fuels – Top Quality Fuel Delivery Since 2001

We have decades of experience providing fuels and services to farms and other business across Ontario.  If you want to ensure your farm always has the fuel it needs to keep running under any circumstances, contact us to arrange your fuel delivery!


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