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Should You Keep Your Scheduled Appointments or Cancel Them?

It’s a question many homeowners have asked themselves:

Should you keep regular appointments or cancel them?

Cancel unless you have an emergency. People are urged to really think about what constitutes an emergency.We want to change our behaviour for the short term so we can absolutely limit the risk to ourselves and to other people.

To make it easier to avoid transmission by touching shared surfaces, the Minister of Health advises clearing a path to the workspaces ahead of time; create a clear path to the area, and leave all doors open so workers don’t have to touch doorknobs or other surfaces.
Identify points you don’t want to be touched and cover them. You could even wrap banisters, and other surfaces in paper, then tear it off when they’ve gone so you don’t have to worry about areas touched.

Before the work starts, put away loose objects and do a deep-clean of the area. Covering the area in a drop cloth helps, too.

It has also been advised to not access the work area 3-4 hours prior to a worker/technician arriving and same for after the departure.

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