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Weather the Storm With Bird Fuels Cardlock Accounts and Propane Delivery System

As we all get to grips with a new way of living, working, and buying in the wake of COVID, there is a host of solutions and opportunities to do things more thoughtfully and efficiently while being mindful of cost. Let’s be much more specific–that would be how we get our supplies and products distributed and delivered. In this blog we’ll look at how Bird Fuels, in partnership with Petro Canada and with a smart use of Cardlock accounts and facilities for fleet vehicles, is helping customers to improve their delivery game. We’ll also look at how Bird Fuels can deliver propane supplies straight to your door. This means you and your fleet vehicle drivers can reap the benefits of filling up on fuel at Bird Fuels Cardlock points round the clock in a safe environment.

What is Cardlock?

Cardlock is a simple but game-changing system for haulage drivers and operators. By using a Cardlock card and account your drivers can access fuel, equipment, and refreshment services away from regular drivers at a competitive price as well. And in this new age of maintaining distance and close contact whenever possible, the Cardlock model of filling up ensures all of this is done in the safest and quickest way.

Benefits of Bird Fuel Cardlock

Operating across a wide area of Ontario, drivers will enjoy:

  • Five clean and conveniently located cardlock fill-up points
  • 24 hours access, seven days a week
  • Well-lit and wide access for large vehicles
  • Pumping is quick and easy
  • Individual Cardlock cards give every driver an open door to bespoke facilities.

Find out where the Bird Fuels Cardlock locations are here.

If you’re at the business end and weighing up the financial and efficiency advantages of the Bird Fuels Cardlock system, you’ll benefit from:

  • Simpler accounting and bookkeeping as harmonized sales tax (HST) are separated out on statements
  • Clear statements that make sense, divided by card number, type of fuel, time, odometer, amount of fuel, unit price, taxes and the Cardlock location of fuel purchase
  • Access cards with their own Pin numbers
  • Access cards which can be activated or cancelled at any time
  • Receipts available after each transaction.

Whether you’re in charge of overseeing a vast fleet of trucks or a much smaller operation, Cardlock is out there to make every drive smoother. Your drivers know in advance where the journey refueling stops are and by using Cardlock, there’s a reduced paper trail.

How Bird Fuels is Getting Propane to Your Door

The other part of the fuel proposition that Bird Fuels has been looking at is how we deliver propane to customers. Not only is propane the clean, safe, and economical fuel option (rated at 97% efficiency), but this Canadian-produced fuel product is entirely portable. While there is a popular image of propane as the stuff that brings barbecues to life, it’s also widely used to heat homes, power agricultural equipment, heat up stoves, and bring flames to fireplaces.

With propane becoming a more popular choice for all of these appliances, rather than putting the responsibility of picking up supplies in the hands (and vehicles) of the consumer, Bird Fuels offers several delivery option payment plans based on the size of the propane tank. We also provide installation, maintenance, and repair services to cover all points of your propane fuel journey.

Learn more about Bird Fuels protection plans and services here.

While at the time of writing, the province of Ontario continues to responsibly adapt to the rules of lockdown and post-lockdown life, you can be assured that every fuel and heating solution offered by Bird Fuels is designed with the well-being of our customers (and your drivers) in mind.

Discover more about Bird Fuels’ Cardlock system, propane delivery and much more here.

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