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What to Do If Your Propane Gauge Is Below 20%

You checked your propane levels a few days ago and you thought you were fine to wait for propane delivery. Unfortunately, the weather changed and it got colder or something changed around your home or business and your propane usage went up.

Now, looking at your propane gauge, you’re shocked to see you are down to just 20 percent left in your tank. The cool temperatures are not letting up any time soon, and you definitely do not want to run completely out of fuel. So, how should you handle the situation when your propane gauge is down to just 20 percent. Here are a few things to know.

Go ahead and call for propane delivery.

Go ahead and get your call in so Bird Fuels can get fuel to you as quickly as possible. In some cases, we consider below 20 percent to be an emergency delivery. Therefore, we may place you in line ahead of other callers who still have some propane in their tank to carry them through for a bit longer. 

Make arrangements for alternative heating if necessary. 

The biggest propane consumer in most structures is the heating system, which means when your propane is low, you may need to look for an alternative source for heating. If the propane company can’t get to you for a bit, it can be best to use a space heater, wood stove, or another heater for the majority of your heating needs. Some people choose to add a few layers of clothing and deal with slightly cooler temperatures to conserve fuel, which is a good idea.

Be conservative with propane use in other ways. 

If you can cut your propane usage in other ways, you will be more likely to make it until delivery without running out. A few good ideas to help you conserve propane include:

  • Avoid cooking meals on your propane range that take long periods of time, such as stews or soups
  • Do not use your propane-powered oven unless you have to
  • Take showers instead of baths and keep your showers short to prevent using a lot of propane for hot water

Consider signing up for automatic propane delivery.

Running out of propane can be upsetting when you rely on it so much, but with a little guidance and a conservative outlook, you may make it through when your gauge is down to 20 percent. To avoid problems with running out of propane, sign up for automatic propane delivery through Bird Fuels. Your propane needs will be assessed, and we will make sure you get propane before you hit that 20-percent point on your propane gauge. Contact us today to find out more.

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