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You Can Help Ensure Safe Fuel Delivery in The Winter

Is your home or business setup to have automatic fuel delivery of propane or home heating oil ?  It makes a lot of sense, particularly during the winter when you could potentially be snowed in or just too busy to monitor your propane tank, heating oil, or other fuels.  However, that still means the driver making the fuel delivery will be dealing with dangerous conditions.  Fortunately, there are ways you can help make the delivery easier and, in the process, help guarantee you have a full supply of the fuels you need!

Four Ways to Ensure Safe and Timely Fuel Deliveries in The Winter

  1. Make paths for the driver

Whenever possible, the driver delivering your fuel will attempt to safety park as close as possible to the tanks that need to be refilled.  Sometime deliveries are made from the street, which will be kept plowed by the city.  However, they still need to be able to make their way to the tanks.  You can make this far easier and safer by shoveling a path through the snow which leads to the tanks which are to be refilled.

  1. Mark the path

Do you have reason to think the driver may not be able to identify your house, or be unable to find the proper path to the tanks?  Marker flags are the best solution here.  They are affordable from any home improvement store and will help guide the driver down your driveway to your location..

  1. Keep your fuel equipment clear of snow

Having snow pile onto your storage tanks, pipes, propane lines, or vents can cause damage while also creating hazardous conditions for the delivery person.  In worst case scenarios, snow build-up could even prevent your equipment from working when you need it most!  So, do what you can to keep the equipment free from heavy snow pile-up.

While doing so, be sure not to use sharp tools to remove the snow, or else you could cause accidental damage.


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