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Beware of Counterfeit Diesel Exhaust Fluid

As most fleet operators know by now, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems utilizing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) as an anti-pollution measure are required in most diesel-powered vehicles.¬† DEF is a fluid which¬†is capable of greatly reducing NOx emissions and is vital for creating “clean” diesel vehicles which will have minimal impact on the environment.

As is typical whenever a product becomes mandated, buyers want cheaper solutions for purchasing – even though DEF is already quite affordable.¬† This has led to an unfortunate situation where knockoff DEF has started to hit the market.¬† Don’t be fooled by the low prices. You could be risking your engines when you don’t use legitimate ISO-certified Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

Why Bootleg Diesel Exhaust Fluid Is Bad for Business

At heart, DEF is actually a very simple product: it’s roughly 1/3 urea to 2/3 ionized water.¬† This makes it extremely affordable to manufacture and ensures it doesn’t overly burden fleet operators who have to buy it in bulk.

However, that doesn’t mean that¬†anything¬†calling itself DEF is necessarily the real thing.¬† Leaving aside the possibility of outright counterfeits which don’t even contain urea, there are still two big standards (defined in¬†ISO 22241) that genuine DEF has to meet to officially call itself “Diesel Exhaust Fluid.”

  1. It must have a¬†precise¬†ratio of 32.5% urea to 67.5% water.¬† Why this particular ratio?¬† Because it produces a fluid with the lowest possible freezing temperature, at 12¬įF (-11¬įC).¬† Any ratio different from that, and you increase your chances of the DEF freezing in low temperatures and harming your engine.
  2. It must be regularly tested and verified to have extremely low levels of impurities, particularly calcium, as well as various metals such as zinc, copper, or iron.  SCR systems are extremely delicate, and any sort of substantial impurities can potentially wreck the system Рleading to huge repair bills.

Item #2 is where most bootleg DEFs fail the test.¬† As you can imagine, knockoff products will not have very reliable¬†testing procedures, and may even be produced in facilities without the capability of meeting the¬†ISO 22241 standards.¬† That’s why buyers need to be wary of DEF that seems too cheap – you could be risking significant engine damage, just to save a few dollars on fluids.

Get Your Diesel Exhaust Fluid from A Reliable Source

Since 2001, Bird Fuels has been trusted by Ontario businesses to provide them with top-quality genuine fuels and other vital fluids.  We can deliver diesel exhaust fluid in bulk, directly to your place of business.  We only source our DEF from reputable businesses with stringent product testing in place, to ensure your engines are always protected from bootleg product.

Contact us directly to learn more about our liquid delivery services!

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