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High-Quality Agricultural Fuel Delivered on Time to Keep Your Business Running

The agriculture industry is, and will always be, a big part of Canada’s economy. In fact, the country is a top exporter of various agricultural products; in 2016 alone, these exports were worth over $60 billion. Canadians have relied on farmers for a variety of products, including poultry, vegetables, veal, beef, canola, and cattle, and in order to keep their equipment running, if you’re a farmer, you need an agricultural fuel business partner you can rely on. This is where Bird Fuels comes in.

Keeping Your Farming Equipment Running

At Bird Fuels, we understand that whether it is off-season or harvest season, you need your machinery and equipment to work properly at all times, or you could risk missing out on important time windows. This could, in some cases, lead to wasting crops. To make sure this doesn’t happen, we aim to provide fuel solutions and supplies that allow your farming equipment to run like new year after year.

We also provide on-site fuel delivery. We understand that with your hectic schedule and working around the clock, worrying about fuel can be a hassle. Luckily, you don’t have to do that anymore. By choosing Bird Fuels, you can work from sunrise to sunset and get the most out of your heavy machinery and farm equipment every day.

Whether you farm livestock, crops, or both, Bird Fuels can help farmers, both big and small, and deliver the lubricants, additives, and agricultural fuel needed to keep growing.

On-site Bulk Agricultural Fuel Delivery

Keeping your equipment and machinery fueled keeps the farm moving. Our team works to understand your fueling needs and then creates a schedule to deliver the fuel you need directly to the storage tanks present on your farm.

If you’re new to bulk fuel delivery, there’s nothing to worry about. The Bird Fuels team can provide you all the information you need to be able to make an informed decision regarding your fuel storage needs.

A Wide Range of Products

Keeping your machinery maintained properly has a number of benefits. For instance, it extends the life of the equipment and also cuts down on costly downtime due to repairs stemming from years of neglect. Our high-quality, eco-friendly solvents and lubricants can keep your equipment working at its best, thereby ensuring efficiency.

Most farming machinery now requires diesel exhaust fluid. Our bulk DEF storage and delivery solutions can be tailored to meet your farm’s needs. Grain storage facilities, family farms, large dairy operations, and crop farmers can all trust us to provide the fuel they need for their generators, trucks, and tractors. Plus, we can provide heating fuel to help you keep your farm shop or indoor premises warm.

Who We Serve

Bird Fuels offers a variety of agricultural fuel, including home heating fuel, diesel fuel, and gasoline to different agricultural businesses, such as:

  • Mobile agribusiness, such as harvesting/sowing service provides and grain dryers
  • Crop, dairy, beef, and poultry farms
  • Propane co-ops and bulk fuel suppliers
  • Other agribusiness fleets.

Why Choose Bird Fuels

Reliable and timely agricultural fuel delivery is crucial for running a farm. We take pride in building strong and trusted relationships with farmers. You’ll get to know and trust our team, and they will get to learn about your operation, so you can trust that it will be efficient and safe. We always keep customers at the forefront of our business and providing you with fuel when you need it is an integral part of building that relationship.

We aim to provide high-quality, premium fuel on time. We’re equipped to provide scheduled maintenance and delivery services to all our agricultural fuel partners so that they can streamline and simplify their daily operations. With 24-hour service, competitive price, high-quality fuel, and a personalized approach to each agriculture operation, you can’t go wrong with Bird Fuels. We deliver propane, natural, gas, DEF, and lubricants to commercial and residential customers from Collingwood, Orangeville, and Owen Sound.  Contact us today for all your fuel delivery needs. To learn more, contact us today.

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