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To Keep Your Farm Operating at Peak Efficiency, Plan Ahead for Your Propane Needs

Diesel Delivery Helps Farms Run More Smoothly

It takes a lot of materials to grow food on our nation’s farms – seeds, fertilizer, water, sunlight…¬† and diesel.¬† Diesel is by far the most common fuel used by heavy farm machinery, and operations will grind to a halt if the farm ever runs out of gas.

That’s why more and more farms are turning to diesel delivery services to ensure their farms are always running at top productivity.¬† Diesel delivery is an easy and affordable solution to numerous issues.

Why Canadian Farmers Prefer to Have Their Diesel Delivered

  1. Convenience 

When you schedule regular diesel delivery, that’s one less thing to worry about.¬† You don’t have to monitor fuel levels, or schedule runs to top off your holding tanks.¬† You’ll just have a regular, steady series of deliveries that make sure you’re never running out of fuel.

Are you anticipating higher usage, such as during harvest?  Just call your provider and let them know to step up the deliveries.  One call and the problem is sorted.

  1. Cost-savings

No matter how you obtain the fuel for your farm, there are going to be costs associated with its delivery Рparticularly the fuel burned during transportation!  This can never be entirely avoided, but it can be minimized.  A company which already keeps huge stockpiles of fuel, and buys in massive bulk, will be spending far less on transportation than you would be if you did it yourself.

If your own vehicles are transporting your fuel, you are most likely wasting money on fuel costs.

  1. Expert hardware knowledge

A qualified fuel delivery company isn’t going to merely deliver the fuel.¬† They also have the expertise needed to help you maintain the storage vessels, pumps, and other associated hardware.¬† This adds even more reliability to your fueling setup and further guarantees that you’ll always be able to fill up your machinery when they’re running dry.

In short, a farm fuel delivery service means one problem solved.  You get all the diesel and other fuels you need at highly competitive prices, without any extra effort.

Bird Fuels Keeps Canadian Farms Running!

We can provide all the fuels and other fluids your farm needs, including diesel, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), propane, gasoline, oils and other lubricants, and more.  Our extensive experience and huge network of fueling partners means we can keep you topped up, across Ontario and beyond.

Contact us to learn more!


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