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Regular Furnace Maintenance Can Save You Money

t’s easy to fire up the furnace in your home or business and forget about it, but that’s really not a very cost-effective way to handle your heating. ¬†A furnace can be a surprisingly sensitive piece of equipment, and even minor problems can turn into big issues in a short amount of time. ¬†Regular furnace maintenance won’t just help keep you warm, it can also save you a lot of money in the long term.

Here are just a few of the ways that a furnace maintenance plan easily pays for itself.

Three Big Ways Furnace Maintenance Saves You Money

  1. Energy Efficiency

Just because your furnace is successfully creating heat, that doesn’t mean it’s doing so in the most efficient manner. ¬†Just about any maintenance problem in a furnace will ultimately degrade its energy efficiency, which means higher costs for you. ¬†For example, if your if the blower and motor aren’t cleaned the furnace is working harder to maintain your desired temperature.

When winter heating typically accounts for 25% or more of a home or business’s energy use, these sorts of problems can quickly drive up your costs.

  1. Preventative Maintenance

Furnaces are almost entirely mechanical devices, which means they’re relatively robust when it comes to working despite minor maintenance issues. However, those issues never go away. ¬†They only get worse. Minor problems can easily turn into big problems which will be much more costly to repair than if they’d been caught early.

Regular maintenance can help ensure this doesn’t happen.

  1. Maintain Your Warranty

Have you checked the details on your furnace warranty? ¬†Many brands require regular maintenance – at least once a year – for the warranty to remain valid. ¬†This is almost always the case when it comes to extended or “lifetime” warranties. ¬†It’s simply understood that minor furnace maintenance will be needed, and the manufacturer won’t be held responsible if someone neglects their equipment.

Minor maintenance can help ensure your warranty is honored if something major goes wrong.

Bird Fuels Can Be Your Reliable Furnace Maintenance Partner

For over 15 years, businesses and homeowners have relied on Bird Fuels to keep their furnaces running at peak condition.  Contact us today to talk maintenance scheduling!

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