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Why Furnace Maintenance Is So Important

If you have a furnace in your home or commercial building, it’s absolutely vital to receive regular furnace maintenance from qualified professionals!  Furnaces can be easy to take for granted since they can potentially run for months or years without much interaction – however, they will slowly develop problems and break down over time.  Regular maintenance will help prevent this!

In the process, you’ll see numerous other benefits as well.

Five Major Benefits from Regular Furnace Maintenance and Tune-Ups

  1. Improve your energy efficiency

A recently tuned furnace is going to be a highly efficient furnace, and that efficiency will continuously go down as the unit is used.  A dirty, clogged furnace may technically work, but it will be using far more power than it normally would.  In most cases, regular maintenance more than pays for itself simply by ensuring your heating costs are as low as possible.

  1. Extend your furnace’s active lifespan

With proper maintenance, your furnace should be able to last at least 15-20 years – and that’s a good thing, considering how expensive they can be to replace!  However, allowing your furnace to run while it’s clogged up or suffering other maintenance issues will quickly reduce that lifespan, potentially leading to major unnecessary costs if it breaks down.

  1. Maintain your warranty

Here’s something a lot of furnace-owners don’t know typically, the “lifetime” warranty for your furnace will mandate regular maintenance as part of its stipulations.  While the exact details will vary between manufacturers, generally speaking, you’ll be expected to have professional furnace maintenance at least once a year.  If your furnace breaks down and you can’t provide proof of those maintenance visits, there’s a good chance your warranty claims will be denied.

  1. Improve your air quality

The condition of your furnace will have a direct impact on the quality of air inside your home or office.  Poorly maintained furnaces will tend to send contaminants throughout the building, as well as failing to filter out biological hazards like bacteria.  This is entirely avoidable, with regular maintenance.

  1. Protect the people on your property

Whether it’s family or clients, you have a responsibility to keep people safe when they’re inside a building you own – and a poorly maintained furnace can quickly be a safety risk.  For example, it’s possible for furnace exhaust pipes to become clogged and start releasing carbon monoxide into a building.  Or, in extreme circumstances, the furnace could even be a fire hazard.

Bird Fuels Keeps Your Furnace Running Properly

Bird Fuels provides top-quality furnace sales, installation, and maintenance for clients across Ontario.  Whether it’s a small residential unit or a huge furnace for a commercial complex, we have the tools and the experience to keep it running properly.  Contact us today to schedule your next furnace tune-up!


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